Kalmar Services

- Keep moving.

We care about your operations.

Through designing, running and optimising your cargo handling operations, we at Kalmar Services make your every move count. We want you to feel confident, delighted and inspired at work – and we want to help you move towards improved performance. Towards improved safety, sustainability and productivity. Towards new possibilities – and the next level.


More than technically skilled

Your business is important, and we are committed to providing you with the very best people to keep it moving. With a Kalmar Service Technician by your side, you will always have reliable, caring, and innovative support. A Service Technician, dedicated to keeping you moving and helping you optimising your performance.


Designing your operations.

By involving us in the site planning, you can be sure that the operational processes run smoothly right from the start. Terminal design, testing and optimisation services, financial services and leases are a few examples of what Kalmar Services may provide.

Kalmar Start-up services Terminal design services


Running your operations.

As a partner in the daily operations, Kalmar Services strives to eliminate breakdowns, increase the overall safety and operational excellence. We can provide corrective, preventive and predictive maintenance, spare parts and service contracts. Our digital services will enable greater visibility and control of your equipment and maintenance. In addition, we offer a complete range of remote services, which help you optimise and continuously improve your automated or manual fleet performance.

Kalmar Care Kalmar Genuine Parts & MyParts Kalmar Parts Care 

Kalmar Insight  Kalmar Remote Services


Optimising your operations.

When everything works, it’s time to optimise! We can support you in every way on your digitisation, electrification and automation journey, and help with safety and sustainability. We also provide consultation, training, short term rental, and equipment upgrades in general, to make sure you stay ahead of the competition.

Kalmar Training Center  Kalmar Modernisation Services