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Kalmar's new range of
empty container handlers

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High cab,
double spreader.More.
High cab,
single spreader.More.
Low cab
double spreader.More.
Low cab
single spreader.More.
See our full range specifications.
There are four different empty container handlers for you to choose from with low or high cabins and single or double spreaders. You can see each machines specifications here.

More choice.

Kalmar empty container handlers simply give you more choice. Use the drop downs to see how you can tailor your machines to meet your needs.

5 performance alternatives
EU3A, 164 kW,
949 Nm, 6-cyl, 6,70 Lit
+ DANA TE-14300 (3+3 gears)
EU3A, 160 kW,
910 Nm, 4-cyl, 5,10 Lit
+ DANA TE-14300 (3+3 gears)
EU4, 160 kW,
910 Nm, 4-cyl, 5,10 Lit
+ DANA TE-14300 (3+3 gears)
EU3A, 185 kW,
1160 Nm, 6-cyl, 7,70 Lit
+ DANA LTE-14400 (4+4 gears + Lock-Up)
EU4, 185 kW,
1160Nm, 6-cyl, 7,70 Lit
+ DANA LTE-14400 (4+4 gears + Lock-Up)
4 different lifting heights
Single stackers. Double stackers.
5/5 5+1/5+1
6/5 6+1/5+1
7/6 7+1/6+1
8/7 8+1/7+1
3 lifting capacities for single or double stackers
8 tonnes
9 tonnes
10 tonnes
Your choice of MPS or HPS+MPS
MPS=Mechanical Pile System
HPS=Hydraulic Pile System
4 different spreader options
Single Spreader with Twistlocks for 20-56ft containers
Single Spreader head with Twistlocks with wide position (76mm/3in) for wide body and domestic containers 20-56ft
Double Spreader with Hooks and Clamps for 20-40ft containers in double mode. Longer containers (45-56ft) are picked up in the 40ft position and can only be handled in single mode.
Double Spreader with Hooks, Clamps and Safety Wedges for 20-40ft containers in double mode.
Longer containers (45-56ft) are handled in single mode and are picked up in the 40ft position and locked into place with the safety wedges.
4 different cabin combinations
Low cabin (4.0m) with single stair access
Low cabin (4.0m) with double stair access
High cabin (4.6m) with double stair access
High cabin (4.6m) with double stair access
For full machine specs click here.

More efficient.

You can choose which drive line combination is right for you, either a medium or high performance combinations.

The Medium Performance (MP) drive line with 3-speed transmission, offers great handling, excellent driving performance and very good levels of fuel efficiency. While the High Performance (HP) drive line with 4-speed transmission and Lock-Up functionality, offers faster driving and lifting speeds with its more powerful engine.


You may also choose to benefit from the fastest lifting and lowering speeds in the market for extra quick container handling. Servicing and maintenance is also easier than ever before, with longer servicing intervals and easier access to servicing points.

Everyone of our new empty container handlers also comes with ECO-Drive, which gives you three different power modes to choose from.

Power Mode: for moving quickly round the yard and lifting and lowering at full speed.

Normal Mode: still quick, but a little slower than Power Mode. 5-15% reduction in running costs.

Economy mode: does the job, but at an easier pace. 10-25% reduction in running costs.

More robust.

Every Kalmar Empty Container Handler is designed to last. Built on our proven G-Generation platform for extra toughness. You also get upgraded drive axles with oil-cooled Wet Disc Brakes, a wider rear steer, a wider front axle and when combined with our tilt cylinders and rigid mast you will benefit from greater stability when lifting heavy loads to heights.

More comfort.

Each of our new of our new empty container handlers comes with our ergonomically designed EGO cabin for superior driver comfort and operational ease. You can see more as we have removed the A-pillars and replaced them with slim-line B-pillars so you get a clear view in every direction, even up. Everything is within reach with an electronically adjustable console, tilt steering wheel and adjustable seat.

Our new failsafe pedal system and climate control package make our cabin even more comfortable and a user interface with colour display that makes operating the machine easier than ever before.

Our cabin is easy to access, with non-slip climbing surfaces and sturdy handrails.

More return.

With over 10,000 empty container handlers built over the years and thousands still in operation you can be certain you will not only get a hard working robust machine ready for any challenge, but one that will be less expensive and easier to maintain in the long term. We have extended our servicing intervals and given you easier access to important servicing points.
In fact, our machines will give you more uptime than any other and the lowest running costs per hour available in the market. Our machines also hold their value better than any other and achieve the highest re-sale values, so your total cost of ownership will be a lot less than you expect. In fact, 90% of our customers say they would only buy another Kalmar Empty Container Handler in preference to any other brand.

See what our customers have to say in our two video case studies.

More options.

Here are just a few of the options available with our new range of empty container handlers:

  • Reverse Warning System. To let you know what is going on behind you.
  • Fire Suppression System (FSS). To protect your driver from fires in the cabin or in the machine.
  • Alco-lock. To insure that no driver exceeds blood alcohol levels before operating a machine.
  • Cabin options. Two different cabin sizes and two different cabin heights.
  • Reverse Beeper System. To protect staff when your machine is reversing.
  • Tyre Pressure Monitoring System. Helps maintain tyres at their optimal pressure so they last longer.
  • Additional lighting. Extra lights can be fitted for operating the machine in the dark.

More support.

Kalmar Care:

We can offer you four different types of service and maintenance contracts, for any brand of equipment, for you to choose from. Each is designed to help you improve your operational efficiency, drive productivity and secure financial predictability. Each contract type includes a set of standardised service modules that can be matched to meet your business’s needs. You just need to choose which one is right for you and your day-to-day operations.

Kalmar Genuine Parts:

When something needs to be replaced you need a spare part that meets your exact needs – immediately. Kalmar offers a rapid delivery for over 50,000 premium-quality genuine parts to anywhere in the world, with installation support if needed.
You may also want to consider outsourcing all or part of your spare parts management and inventory control, and with Kalmar Parts Care you can do just that. Kalmar Parts Care will lift your parts availability, while reducing your inventory costs.

Kalmar SmartFleet

You may also choose to install SmartFleet, which is a powerful machine optimisation tool created to help improve your equipment and operator utilisation rates. Data is streamed directly from your fleet and displayed on your computer in an accessible and easy to use graphic interface, allowing you to continually make small adjustments to your work processes. The result, a higher performing fleet.

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