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Kalmar Tracker

- Save time, save money.

Kalmar Tracker.

Kalmar Tracker automates and manages the flow of containers efficiently and safely through your yard or terminal. Helping to streamline and automate your business processes - saving you time and money.


Automate your container management.

Kalmar Tracker can help automate container handling processes in your yard in three ways:

  • The Container ID Recognition option automatically scans, records and registers container IDs - which are then displayed in Kalmar Insight, other systems or your TOS.
  • The Container Weighing option measures your loads’ weight according to SOLAS requirements and shows the centricity of the containers load.
  • The Container Locator option ensures you always know where each individual container is in your yard, at any given time.


You can subscribe to one or three options.

Each is designed to make container handling in your yard safer, more eco-efficient, and reduce the risk of ever losing a container again.

Container ID Recognition Option.

When containers are handled by your Kalmar Reachstacker the container ID will be automatically scanned and recorded by HD cameras mounted on your spreader. This data can then be integrated into other systems, including your TOS, eliminating the need to manually capture and record container IDs. This reduces errors and allows your driver to focus on moving your containers safely and efficiently.


Container Weighing Option.

Under current SOLAS guidelines, all containers must be weighed before they are loaded onto a ship. This option automatically weighs the container being handled and adds this information to the container ID already recorded - ensuring you comply with global regulations. During the weighing process, your operators will also be alerted if the container’s load is not centred or unsafe to handle, allowing the driver to re-centre the load so it can be moved safely or report the container as unsafe to handle until restowed.


Container Locator Option.*

Being able to locate containers in your yard can be time-consuming and costly. With the Container Locator option you will always know where every container is in your yard; not only which stack it is in, but also where it is situated in that stack. Container losses and the time required to locate containers will be greatly reduced, helping to drive greater efficiencies within your operations and minimising the costs associated with container losses.


*This option will be available soon.


Real-time container data.

All data collected through Kalmar Tracker will be accessible through Kalmar Insight, our equipment performance tool. This data can also be integrated into other systems using Kalmar’s open APIs for your convenience.


Streamline your container management processes today.

Kalmar Tracker provides you with three container management options that will help streamline your container handling processes, saving you time and money, while helping to keep your team safe. Contact your local Kalmar Sales Support team for more information.